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In the modern world, bankers need to compete with crypto for people already familiar with Bitcoin. Citizens are no longer completely dependent on money issued by governments. Therefore, it is very important to know how to protect cryptocurrency to achieve high income.

The best way to protect Bitcoin transactions

You may think that your Bitcoin payments are completely anonymous and can never be linked to your real identity, but the truth is that Bitcoin transactions can be easily tracked on the blockchain. If you don’t use a cryptocurrency mixer to protect your privacy, blockchain analysis firms or hackers can learn your transaction history, how many bitcoins you have, and even who you are. 

Since 2020, the use of mixers has increased significantly, and while the explosive growth has moderated somewhat, it remains close to record highs in 2023. The increase is due to increased volumes from centralized crypto exchanges.

Bitcoin blender: keep your financial information safe 

YoMix bitcoin blender is committed to keeping your personal and financial information safe. During the mixing processes, the cleared cryptocurrency is sent to wallets over multiple transactions. Each period of time, a certain amount arrives, and so on several times, until the full amount minus the commission arrives at the specified wallets. This complex design is used to confuse cluster analysis.

It is clear that all Bitcoin mixing services charge a fee for their services. Its size depends both on the amount sent and on the number of mixtures produced. Ideally, no fraction of the resulting coin amount is linked to the original user. So, in addition to direct earnings from investing in Bitcoin, you can also buy third-party capacity, which can also be resold there. 

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